Your body is under the control of the brain and nervous system as long as you are alive.

Your brain is protected by the skull, and your spinal cord is protected by the spinal column.

Spinal bones move out of normal alignment and interrupt your normal nerve flow.

This disruption  of normal nerve flow is referred to as vertebral subluxations.

It is vital to know that subluxations can be silent; causing problems long before symptoms occur.

Chiropractors find subluxations, and by performing a spinal adjustment, facilitate a return of normal nerve supply.

Normal nerve supply results in a greater expression of LIFE for you!



18% of all nerve fibers in the human body are designed to produce pain when that specific nerve is being impinged.  The remaining 82% are not designed to produce pain when a nerve is being impinged, which means you could have subluxations pinching a nerve in your body and not even realize it.


The doctors in the clinic are trained in multiple ways to adjust the misalignments in the spine. Their knowledge will help you feel as comfortable as possible when getting adjusted. We even have specific tools to help with adjustments. Check of the Impulse IQ page to learn more!