Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument

The impulse adjusting instrument taps repetitively on your vertebra/spine to gently adjust it and stimulate your nerves and cause muscles to relax.  It is twice as fast as other adjusting methods, allowing it to deliver an adjustment faster than your response to tighten up before an adjustment, resulting in a more comfortable & effective adjustment.  The Impulse instrument can adjust a vertebra with less force because it has been programmed to tune in to your body’s frequency and tap in rhythm with it.  The accelerometer in the instrument senses whether your bone is moving in the direction it is tapping, or not.  If it is moving, it stops.  If it is not moving, it taps and adjusts it to your normal joint motion.

The impulse IQ is a great tool for anyone scared of adjustments. You will not normally hear a popping noise that a normal adjustment would make with the Impulse IQ. The impulse IQ is very popular with kids and also for adults that find it difficult to relax when receiving an adjustment. Come try out the Impulse IQ and see what it can do for you!