We provide natural chiropractic approaches to a wide variety of health conditions and ailments affecting the human body!

General chiropractic care is not just about adjusting the spine but also caring for the whole musculoskeletal system. At Camanche Chiropractic Center we not only adjust the spine and limbs but also work on tight muscles! We do this by hand massage techniques but use specific tools to help with muscle tightness and pain. Some of the other things we incorporate into our care is laser therapy, nutrition advice, home exercises and more! Under our services tab above we have pages for each modality of care with each one more indepthly described. 


Some of the things we help!

Neck pain




Muscle strain/sprain

Auto Accidents

Falls, injuries

Birth trauma

Childhood injuries

Sports injuries

Back pain

Foot pain

Knee pain

Hip pain


Disc problems

Nerve entrapments

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Elbow pain

Tennis elbow

Shoulder pain

Jaw pain

There are many health problems that respond to chiropractic or other natural therapies that many people don't know we treat, help, diagnose or educate about, including:

Rheumatoid arthritis


Gluten Insensitivities

Dizziness, lightheadness


Chronic (long term) fatigue

Rib Fractures


Gallbladder problems

Cholesterol problems

Some conditions are referred to or treated concurrently with local medical doctors if necessary.