Standard Process
Whole food nutritional products sold through health care professionals are available at our office.

Visit Standard Process for information on the importance of whole food nutrition.

We carry a lot of Standard Process supplements and can order those we don’t stock. Standard Process whole food supplements support the body’s ability to function normally and heal naturally.
Some examples: 

Inositol- Supports healthy blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity. Improves mood and reduces anxiety by promoting production of GABA and serotonin. 

Immunplex- Immune system support, increases immune system response, combination of vitamins for optimal immune system function.

Cataplex B & Cataplex G are B vitamin complexes. They are seperated into water soluble and alcohol soluble because they have different effects on the body. By seperating the B complex this way we can help balance different actions in the body. For instance opening up the arteries or closing them down. Opening sweat glands or closing them. 

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