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Whole food nutritional products sold through health care professionals are available at our office.

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We carry a lot of Standard Process supplements and can order those we don’t stock. Standard Process whole food supplements support the body’s ability to function normally and heal naturally.


Uber Greens / Heartland Natural Greens


Studies have shown that the combination of nutrients found in whole foods have a more optimal protective effect than each nutrient taken alone.

Heartland Natural Greens contains a variety of high ORAC Value whole foods, providing you with optimal levels of antioxidants that would be difficult to get on your own even eating a very healthy diet. Heartland Natural Greens has an ORAC Antioxidant Value of over 10,000 per serving. (Latest testing showed ORAC Value at 10,160 per serving—very high.) It’s like getting 20 servings of fruits and vegetables a day in one scoop! We recommend you continue to eat your veggies, but this is a great way to make sure. You’ll probably notice the energy boost. It can be a great weight loss tool too.


Mixing a scoop of Uber greens with juice or whey protein makes a tasty drink or meal replacement.




We highly recommend Uber Greens as a daily supplement. One jar last a month at 1 scoop per day (you may not need a full scoop per day if you eat 1-2 veggies per meal already).










If your body is susceptible to urinary tract infections, you may want to try the healing power of cranberries. DC labs Crantrate is an easy way to support your body’s urinary tract function to ward off infections, even after an infection starts. Pills are preferred to juice because it takes a LOT of juice to get as quick of an effect.













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