Headaches can really dampen your spirits and your life.  There are lots of causes of headaches, as headaches are simply a complex symptom.

Tension headaches are probably the most common of headaches.  They are usually related to jaw or spinal alignment and muscle tension and usually respond very well to chiropractic care.  This has been reported by a Duke University study on headaches.  Often headaches of this type start to improve immediately.

Migraine headaches also have several origins.  Dr. Clarence Gonstead found that many migraine’s have associations with hormonal related origins due to nerve pressure in the spine affecting the sympathetic nervous system.  By balancing the nervous system and adjusting areas of the spine related to the adrenal hormones, sex hormones,  and thyroid gland he was able to achieve successful relief for migraine sufferers.  We continue to use his systems and approaches to help migraine sufferers resolve their headache problems.  There are often lifestyle & diet triggers which need to be found and eliminated to control migraines, and for those willing to make the changes, results can be very satisfactory

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